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Michelle Miller
Andrea is ALWAYS helpful and willing to go out of her way to help me. I appreciate all she does. Thank you Andrea!
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Roger Hughes
I will admit I had some problems with Cannonball to start with. Electrical problems and getting Harley-Davidson accessories to work on my new motorcycle. A lot of that has changed for the better. They now have a new look, the service is a lot better I no longer have to wait 2 months to get my motorcycle in to get it serviced. If I have a question it doesn't always get answered at that time but I do get an answer later after someone has researched the question and got me the best answer. I also have noticed that some of the answers I get are not good answers but answers that come closest to my question and are not truthful answers. Just an answer they believe I will believe and get me out of there and on down the road. When I ask about a problem with an extended service plan I was given a number for the plan that was not valid. I contacted the people that the phone number on the back of the card said to contact and they said the number was not valid. I went back to Cannonball and ask again and was given another number, I contacted the number on the back of the card and was told that number was not valid either and I had to go back to Cannonball and find out what is going on. I went back to Cannonball and after they checked their information on their computer they found out they had given me the wrong numbers both times. If I had been on the road and had to use that card in an emergency I would have been stranded! After 4 trips to Cannonball I finally got a correct Extended Service Plan number that the people I contacted with the phone number on the back of the card finally said it was valid. There are still problems lingering but I hope and believe with more experience that the Cannonball people will get better with time. I hope so anyway. As a whole I like Cannonball and the people I talk to are friendly and ready to help with any issues. They need to improve on communication within the dealership and getting the exact and correct information to their customers. I am not getting that. What I am being told by one person is what I am being told by another person. Get your facts straight then tell the customer the right information. DON'T GUESS or just give an answer you think is right but find out the right answer and give it to your customers. I am open to answer any questions from anyone from Cannonball if they want more information. I want to help make Cannonball successful! I want to be able to tell my friends that yes they can depend on Cannonball to do what is right for them, don't lie to them and don't tell them one thing to get make a sale then when the paper work comes out it is totally different. People can accept the truth a lot better than being led down a path of deception and have to check all the paper work before signing a contract to buy a motorcycle. People have been misled and actually lied to just to make a sale! Most people know and will catch your tricks to make a sale, but some people will trust your word and catch it later then you just made them mad and they won't come and tell you they are pissed off they just won't come back! Pay attention to what you are doing, don't lie or twist the truth, don't leave out anything until the paper is signed then throw something in to the works you thought of and forgot to tell them. Be Professional and know what you're talking about and lay out the whole deal or most people will catch your tricks and lies later and never come back! I want to help make Cannonball successful and there are a growing number of people being pissed off and say they aren't ever going back. One person buys a motorcycle and gets a T-shirt then another customer buys a motorcycle and watches the first person ring the bell and get their T-shirt only to buy their motorcycle, ring the bell and told they quit giving out T-shirts. It doesn't seem like much but it's enough to change a persons mind and go somewhere else to buy their next motorcycle. Get Organized and treat everyone exactly the same. People stand back and watch to see what happens to others and if they don't get the same treatment they think you have a problem with them. Get Organized, get your Communication skills up to par within and outside the dealership and it will improve relations among the people WANTING to come to Cannonball. Two of my friends bought new motorcycles at Hunters Moon dealership in Lafayette, Indiana because they weren't treated the same as the person they saw in front of them. Your service department has improved significantly. I can actually believe what I am told in the service department. That needed to happen. The first time I dealt with your service department I bought a new 2019 Electraglide Ultra Limited and had two accessory light packages added to it. They couldn't get the lights to work after they were installed. After 3 months and making over 11 trips to Cannonball to try and get my NEW bike done and delivered I had to finally contact Donna Dellen to get something done. I shouldn't of had to do that. Things have changed since then and I hope nothing like that happens to any of your current customers. After something like that I cannot tell my friends that yes you can trust Cannonball. You have made major changes to your service department and I am just now getting my confidence back up in your service department. I hope I don't have to go through that again!
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Mike Magill
Cannonball Harley-Davidson is just a fun place to visit! Every time I have been in, everyone is so upbeat and friendly. Very helpful, but not pushy sales staff. I try to visit each time we are in Terre Haute. Renovation looks amazing!
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Mark Clark
Sales and service were great. The ladies helping with apparel and just talking to you were awesome.
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Zach Richey
Just gotta say the team at cannonball hd are great. They really do make you feel like family. Just picked up a 2020 slim about a month ago. They stayed after closing for me to test ride even when i told them i wasnt taking a bike home that day. The parts dept is great. Had a lil issuse on the bars i ordered. They did what it took to get figured out. Im about an hour away and they have worked with me on when i can get there etc. Everyone there is awesome. I even pick on the guy who sold me the bike on face book. Lol. They truely do treat you/accept you as family.
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Brian Jones
Every time I come in Im greeted and everyone always interacts with my 4 year old son makes our experience awesome. Anytime we see Amy she goes out of her way to say hi and help with anything I have questions about (Employee: Amy Galbraith)
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Kerry McCammon
You guys are constantly moving forward and active in the community.
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Melissa Garner
Always awesome. Continually helpful with all our questions and needs. The staff are top notch. If they dont know the answers they are honest and helpful in finding the answers. So glad they are part of our HD family. (Employee: Jarad White)
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Trudy Long
Kiddos to the whole store! (Employee: Amy Galbraith)

Our location is over 32,000 square feet and sports a state of the art Diagnostic Service Center. The showroom floor is designed to show off all the latest models of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

The fully stocked Parts and Accessories Department makes it easy to find everything you need to dress out and maintain your ride. Also, with the MotorClothes® Apparel Department receiving new shipments daily, you are sure to find what you need to dress yourself for the ride of your life.

Our staff can't wait for you to visit our unique store. We have everything and anything for your riding wants and needs!


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